Policy Statement

This event is being organised by a local committee of musicians and jazz fans.

Our aim is to promote jazz on the Isle of Wight. Members of the committee will not receive any financial reward. Inspected accounts will be made available on request.

The committee will cover the cost of the main venues and headline acts. This will be funded by sponsorship, ticket sales and other fund-raising activities.

Any subsequent profits will go towards funding future events and a donation to charity (IW Mountbatten Hospice).

We will encourage other performances during the period. However, we will not act as agents. It will be the responsibility of the performers and venues to negotiate between themselves.

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Jazz Tuition Course 2017

On Wednesday 31st May & Thursday 1st June a jazz course will be held at Christ the King College, Wellington Road, Newport, PO30 5QT.

Tuiton will be provided by leading jazz musicians including Nick Page (guitar) and Gary Plumley (saxophone).

The tutors will cover all aspects of jazz playing including:

The climax of the course will be a concert for which the tutors will provide pracice and perfomance tips.

Download an application form here

The Fine Print
Instumentalist should be equivalent to grade 5 or above. Please bring your instruments (drums and keyboards will be provided).

Over 21s £50, Aged 18 - 21 £25, Under 18s £10